Managed IT

AVASO managed IT services offers 24x7 remote and onsite support to customers where business is dependent on optimum IT infrastructure management. This includes providing day-to-day System administration, Break fix management, disaster recovery planning and implementation, system patches updates, bug fixes, adding a printer and proactive monitoring tasks. We provide monthly health checks to our customers, which help our customer to keep up the pace with rapidly growing technology and business.

AVASO managed services cover below areas:

  1. Operating System, application management.

  2. Backup and recovery management.

  3. Hardware break-fix management.


  5. Rapid Disaster Recovery management

  6. P2V migations.

  7. 24x7 monitoring and alert mechanism.

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What Managed IT means to us

We consider Managed IT as our commitment to customers on :

  1. System availability and uptimes.


  3. System break-fix management.


  5. System updates and patch management.


  7. Verified backups and disaster recovery plans.


  9. System performance


  11. Services through well qualified professionals.


  13. Quality service delivery based on ITIL standards.


  15. Above all to ensure IT works as catalyst to  business growth, with optimized planning and support.


AVASO value to our Customers

In our managed IT proposals, we offer number of value services to our customers, some of them are:

  1. Complementary DR & managed IT assessment


  3. DR on public and private Clouds.


  5. Monthly and Quarterly performance reports


  7. 24x7 proactive monitoring and alert management    tools


  9. Comprehensive support, 24x7x4 hrs remote / onsite response SLAs


  11. Windows and Unix platform support for all major OEMs

    Complete control on IT infrastructure management and costs associated to it.

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